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f a m i l y, c h i l d r e n  + m a t e r n i t y  


Listen, families are my jam.

If you’d have asked me 9 years ago what my dream job was, you can bet I wouldn’t have said:

“Umm.. hanging out with parents and their kids in a park for an hour, yelling, “OK, 3-2-1…TICKLE FIGHT!”

But.. it happened. There’s 2 reasons why the Fall season = complete crazytown for me.

  1. It’s beautiful out. Those fall colours? The crisp temperatures? Come on. <3

  2. Every family in the Ottawa Valley wants in on updating their family’s photos.

The reason why so many families comes back to me year after year is because I solemnly swear to make our session quick, easy and.. dare I say? Ok I’m gonna say it: FUN.

Moms, you can relax here. I’ve got this.

Leave the kiddos with me for a quick introduction and a few silly games to get comfortable, and I’ll make sure they’re giving out the big, bright “this one’s for Grandma!” smiles in every photo. I’ll help you every step of the way here, from outfit choices before our shoot, to kid-friendly, dog-friendly (yes, you can bring the dog!) session locations. Maybe even in close proximity to an ice cream shop so you can bribe the kids with a cone for good behaviour!

I might even get your husband to not completely hate the experience. Crazy, I know. :-P

But most Dads end up telling me later on, “Y’know.. that wasn’t so bad..”

What’s my superpower? Being a Mom myself. And knowing that the best connections are made when everyone is free to be themselves.

Your family session will include:

  • 45 minutes of shooting time outdoors, in your home (hello, lifestyle! <3) or at any indoor location of your choice

  • A curated gallery of about 60-80 high res, edited digital files ready for you within 10 days.

    Get those babies up on Facebook quick and show your friends & family how cute ya’ll are.


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